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The Real James Hird Story -- The Carlo Sands Version Of Essendon's Supplements Scandal

'How the fuck did it all go so wrong?'
It seems to fans of AFL club Essendon like myself, the ongoing devastatingly destructive drama engulfing the godforsaken club is never gonna end.

Now Essendon coach James Hird has resigned after a turbulent coaching career marred by the ongoing "supplements scandal" over the "pharmacologically experimental" program of injections of various substances overseen by "cowboy" biochemist Stephen Dank that Essendon players were put through in 2012.

With WADA still appealing a ruling that had cleared Essendon players of wrongdoing earlier this year, and Essendon's on-field results making Tony Abbott's poll results look positive, it was probably inevitable Hird -- who has spent at least as much time in court as in the coaching box -- would have to go.

Australia's finest news source The (un)Australian has given its wrap up of Hird's coaching career. But so much of the real story of what the hell went on at the club has remained a mystery - especially, from my point of view, how my name has been kept out of the media for so long?

I mean, what have all the investigative journalists been doing? How the hell did Caroline Wilson win that damn Walkley?

Well.. I can exclusively reveal (take that Caro) that my name may not remain out of the story for much longer. A friendly "source" has leaked me the following transcript of a secret hidden camera recording that has emerged as part of WADA's evidence against the club.

Dating from January 2012, it throws light on the moment Hird began to serious consider the supplements program Dank had to offer, and, sure enough, it is the first decisive evidence that one "Carlo Sands" had a hand in the affair.

Now, 2011-12 was around the time of one of my infamous pear cider binges. So while I always figured I must have had something to do with this debacle, my memory was pretty vague.

Pear cider, as I know too well, is the Devil's own drink, and the only thing I can say in my defence for what the below transcript reveals is that Stephen Dank seemed to make a lot of sense at the time. But then your perceptions are pretty fucked when you're "on the pear".

I publish the transcript below so that all Essendon fans and fans of the game can know what truly happened -- and also because I like to highlight my key role in important events.


Many have wondered who introduced a character as dodgy as Stephen Dank to Essendon.


 [January 2012. James Hird in his office at Windy Hill, Carlo Sands bursts through the door with a dodgy looking bloke in a trench coat in tow.]

CARLO: Jimmy! [slaps Hird on the shoulder] Howyagoing? I got a great plan you're gonna wanna hear!

HIRD: [weary, as if this is a common occurence] What is it, Carlo? I am a bit busy right now, we're about to really get stuck into preseason...

CARLO: That's just it! I know just how to whip the boys into shape! And christ they need it, have you seen them? It's like they've consumed nothing but pints of Guinness over the entire off season!

HIRD: That's coz you put them on a Guinness-only diet! I can't believe you talked me in to appointing you Chief Off-Season Fitness and Well-Being Advisor, I never should have gone out with you for "just a couple" of pear ciders.

CARLO: Alright, let's not get into a slanging match over who did or did not get the squad totally smashed every day for four straight months, the point is I know how to turn this around, and quick! This is my mate Steve [points to dodgy trench coat bloke] Say hi to Jim.

DANK: [cackles loudly]

CARLO: Stevie's got this great program sure to bulk the players up. You know he worked with Cronulla in the NRL? Have you seen those lads? Christ, imagine Jobe bursting through a pack with a neck the size of Paul Gallen's!

HIRD: [sniffs] Have you been drinking?

CARLO: What? Maybe a couple, that's not the point! This is the answer to our problems! Basically, he's got these magic needles and you just inject them repeatedly into the boys and wow hey presto they're totally bulked up and shit!

HIRD: I don't know... it sounds a bit dodgy. Is it actually legal?

CARLO: Of course it is! Steve, tell Jim here about the legal situation.

DANK: [cackles loudly]

HIRD: Yeah... look Carlo, I appreciate you're trying to help, but...

CARLO: [leans over] He's also got some magic needle stuff that'll sort out your tan.

HIRD: What?

CARLO: Totally sort your tan. And totally natural looking, too.

HIRD: [trying to appear uninterested] This really all sounds very questionable...

CARLO: Oh come on James! There's no point hiding it! You're obsessed with your tan!

HIRD: I am not!

CARLO: Everyone talks about it! "There goes James Hird," they say, "a true champion of the modern game with five club best and fairests, two premierships and a Norm Smith and Brownlow medal under his belt... if only he didn't look so fucking pasty!"

HIRD: And you swear this will work?

CARLO: Tell him Dank.

DANK: [cackles loudly.]

HIRD: Well...

CARLO: Then it's settled! Steve, bring your semi-trailer with the supplements around...we're in business!

DANK: [cackles loudly]


Yeah it is all coming back to me now reading that. Not one of my brightest ideas, I will concede. Sorry about that. Here is a song about the dangers of going out and drinking too much pear cider (may not mention pear cider specifically but all "pear heads" will get it).

'Light flashes and my mind goes numb. My head beats like a drum ...' Swedish bluesey pop singer Miss Li nails the essence of a sustained pear cider binge.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Ian Healy's right -- the Australian men's cricket disaster is clearly the fault of the women

When the Australian men's cricket team slumped to a catastrophic defeat and loss of the Ashes in the fourth Test at Trent Bridge after being bowled out in the first innings for just 60 in the shortest innings in test cricket history, former Australian wicketkeeper-turned KFC spokesperson and occasional commentator on the cricketing matters Ian Healy knew exactly who to blame: the Devil Women!

Some fools, far less informed on the intricacies of the game than a veteran of 119 Tests like Healy, put Australia's batting collapse down to a combination of a brilliant fast bowling by Stuart Broad, who collected career-best figures of 8/15, and the terrible technique and shot selection displayed from Australia's incompetent battling line up.

But Healy knows better: it was actually the fault of the team's wives and girlfriends -- collectively known as the WAGs. The Guardian reports:

The former Australia wicketkeeper Ian Healy has blamed the side’s poor form in the Ashes series on the presence of the players’ wives and girlfriends on tour, describing them as a “distraction” ...
[Healy] believes the presence of family members has not helped Australia’s cause.
“All their partners are here and some of the most respected cricketers I played with hated that distraction. They weren’t allowed on tour until after the series had been won,” Healy said.
“Your mind needs to be completely focused on it. Cricket is a sport that requires complete concentration. You need everything going for you and I’m not sure they’re pushing for that hard enough ...

Really, these feminine demons should apologise to the whole of Australia! In fact, ALL women should apologise for what they have done!

It is not clear exactly how they did it -- beyond his reference to "a distraction", Healy himself is somewhat vague on the matter.

But it should surely be clear to all these women have no business polluting the men's world of professional sport with their babies and designer handbags. Presumably, they tired the poor men out with all their endless nagging, I mean, really, you know what they're like.

In Healy's day, wives and girlfriends knew their place -- far away from sporting grounds. And I suppose the feminists consider this progress! All out for 60!!! The Ashes lost!!! Michael Clarke's career probably finished!!! I just hope they're all happy!!!


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Legal Reforms And Thieving Playwrights: The Fifth And Final Carlo And Leslie ASIO File Dialogues

Here it is. The fifth and final transcripts of my ASIO files I have received. I live in hope perpetual hope that one day it will be revealed ASIO recorded something, anything I did that was not in a pub with fucking Leslie.

Unfortunately, the last installment features me in a pub with that goddamn cad. Oh well. I publish it here only due to my unfaltering commitment to truth and transperency. You should probably read the others or you'll be totally lost.

* * *

A pub.


CARLO: [gulping beer] Christ I needed this!

LESLIE: Tough day eh? Court case not going well?

CARLO: Did you know it is actually illegal to kill someone?

LESLIE: I had heard that.

CARLO: Even if the bastard totally had it coming?

LESLIE: The nanny state is out of control.

CARLO: This is what is wrong with this country! It’s all stick, no carrot! Rather than threatening people with punitive measures, they should reward us if we refrain from slaughtering some goddamn prick who was totally asking for a machete to the skull!

LESLIE: It is an interesting idea for legal reform.

CARLO: Like, well done! You went a whole week without slaughtering a single arsehole, here have some cake! It's your favourite, strawberry cheesecake with cream and chocolate sprinkles! Great effort!

LESLIE: You should probably write to the attorney-general, I suspect this idea has probably never occurred to him.

CARLO: I have to come up with ALL the goddamn ideas! And I never get any fucking credit! Just like that whole Bill Shakespeare debacle!

LESLIE: I do remember you being quite upset when he nicked your material.

CARLO: “To be, or not to be, THAT is the question!” My greatest line! No idea what the fuck it means, I was smashed when I gave that speech.

LESLIE: Yes, you jumped up on the pub table and started banging on about slings of fortune and dreams of mortal coils. The scrumpy round Stratford-Upon-Avon was pretty potent in those days.


LESLIE: Well [coughs] you know what Cheapside was like back then. Always an interesting story to be found for the right coin. But you know, I think Bill’s best steal was that graveyard scene in Hamlet. You having to watch someone playing around with those skeletons in a graveyard and not being able accuse him of ripping it off without incriminating yourself! Genius!

CARLO: A talentless hack. Christ, once he read me something he actually wrote himself! Some drivel about a Scottish king and these three witches. I mean, imagine! As if anyone wants to go to the theatre to see a story about some fucking Scotsman! It’s not decent.

LESLIE: Well, quite.

CARLO: Whatever happened to that play? I assume it bombed and fell into obscurity?

LESLIE: Well asides from being one of the most performed plays ever and on all school curriculums as part of the central cannon, yeah it's been pretty much totally forgotten.

CARLO: Thank christ! I couldn’t stand it! Asides from the bits he got me to write for him involving all the murder and bloodshed. Tell me the bit where the Scottish bastard blows Duncan’s heads off with a hand-held rocket launcher and his brains splatter EVERYWHERE made it to the final cut?

LESLIE: Yeah, that's totally there. I mean a lot of that stuff is taken out or downplayed in the arty stagings coz they say they want to focus on the "human story" and "social relevance".


LESLIE: I thought you said you hated it?

CARLO: NOT THE SCENES I WROTE! It was a horrifically dull piece of dross to which I added a few touches of genius! Like that bit where Lady Macbeth is sleepwalking and going on about all the blood on her hands she can't wash off ... and then she suddenly spins round, pulls out a machete from under her dress and starts slaughtering everyone while blood spurts wildly across the stage and she shouts: "SO IT'S ONLY FAIR THE REST OF YOU GETS SOME BLOOD ON YOU TOO!!!" I assume that scene is a particular focus of literature studies?

LESLIE: Well, as a particularly subtle piece of social satire, I fear its nuances are beyond the average English professor.

CARLO: Typical! It doesn't matter! I have more ideas where they came from! Like my brilliant new idea for a TV show! It’s about this cool guy who drinks all the time and is a total hero and has awesome cheekbones and he goes around killing motherfucking scum and everyone thinks he is GREAT and they make him their overlord and he is called “Carlo”! I think there’s a big market for it.

LESLIE: Yeah … it might work.

CARLO: Of course, it needs dramatic tension and conflict, so there’ll be a character called “Leslie” who hangs around being annoying and getting in the way.

LESLIE: I am assuming this all takes place in a pub?

CARLO: Of course! I can’t save the GODDAMN WORLD SOBER! Christ. Speaking of which...

LESLIE: Actually, it’s your shout.

CARLO: What? My shout??? Jesus christ .. Moralistic judges, thieving playwrights and now some prick expecting me to buy beer! FUCK THIS, it’s time for pear cider!

LESLIE: Well I suppose one couldn't hurt...


‘You'd better hope and pray that you make it safe...back to your own world!’ Shakespear’s Sister’s hit single ‘Stay’ is *yet another* example of artists ripping off Carlo Sands. 

The soundtrack to the five installments can be heard as a YouTube playlist because of course it can.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Whiskey, Duels To The Death, Abs And Bushranging: The Carlo And Leslie ASIO File Dialogues Pt 4

Well, I finally got my fourth installment of my ASIO files today. Once more it appears to me sitting in a pub with Leslie. This is getting ridiculous, I swear I’ve done other things in recent years.

Anyway, you probably need to read the first three installments coz otherwise you'll be totally lost as this series is a really complex,  with many characters whose stories intertwine as the tale unfolds and features lots of plot twits and you wouldn't want to be lost because then what would you have to talk about tomorrow at work around the water cooler? HUH? Enjoy it because there is only one more to come.


A glass of whiskey. In a pub.


LESLIE: [chewing] Hmmm … You know, croissants are awesome. They're basically made of butter, but then you're meant to put more butter on them! And you can't put too much on! No matter how much you put on, you can keep adding more! They're like a bardis.

CARLO: That’s nice. I bought you a whiskey. Here, why don’t you drink this lovely glass of whiskey I got you?

LESLIE: You… bought me a drink?

CARLO: Yes! I have a stiff whiskey for you right here! Christ man, you don't drink it I will, poison or no... ah... or NO poison as there ISN'T any poison in it! HAHAHA! Just drink the fucking whiskey.

LESLIE: You’re still bitter about this whole “me winning the duel to the death” thing aren’t you?

CARLO: No! Of course not! Jesus! Hell, OK ... thank fuck I’ve accumulated a tolerance to all major poisons over the years … [skulls the whiskey]. That hit the spot.

LESLIE: Where did you even get the money for that whiskey?

CARLO: Oh, I ... borrowed it. By the way you might want to avoid the gents for a bit, it’s a little ... bloody in there.

LESLIE: You know, I’ve put up with a lot over many millennia, but trying to poison a friend is a bit rough.


LESLIE: Well, OK, maybe more bound together by some cosmic force in punishment for some horrendous sin I committed at an unspecified time that I can’t recall. But, technically, I don’t see why killing someone means you can't be friends with them.

CARLO: That is just typical “deadist” bigotry that reveals your “living privilege”! You alive people have no idea what us dead have to put up with!

LESLIE: You know, I’ve actually had people question whether you are truly dead. It's quite insulting, because it is very poor form to claim victory in a duel on an uncertified or questionable outcome. If there’s one thing that we’ve always both agreed on, it’s the need to maintain the rules and dignity of the duel.

CARLO: And that all duels must be carried out without pants. Those are the two essentials.

LESLIE: Absolutely. What are you doing?

CARLO: What? Just admiring my abs.

LESLIE: You have abs?

CARLO: Of course I do! They’ve the hardness and consistency of a bag of marshmallows! I’ve spent a shitload of other people's money on beer to get them this way. This stomach is a work of art! I’m going into business to sell my secret to the perfect belly.

LESLIE: You’re advertising now? What, like before and after photos? Implausible testimonials and claims that “you too can achieve these amazing results” in x easy steps in just y weeks following Dr Sands' exclusive program?

Carlo: Sure. My rates are cheap. A cartoon of beer a day and another per night.

Leslie: You know, people are quite suspicious of these things that offer incredible results with no effort. No one could actually achieve your impressive results without putting in some serious hard work.

Carlo: I say that! I don't offer instant overnight success! I always tell people, you gotta work at it, you gotta constantly be drinking beer, eating shit food, sitting down seven-days-a-week, 52-weeks-a-year, ten-years-a-decade, ten-decades-a-century-or-until-the-liver-fails. Don't expect that you can do it a couple of days and the rest of the week be out there at the gym, eating fucking tofu and quaffing mineral water! I say “THIS IS SERIOUS! SO GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING MONEY!”

LESLIE: Hmmm. Well, speaking of daylight robbery, you know I was reading an article just the other day about old Moondyne Joe. You remember, the bushranger? I’m surprised nobody's made the connection between you and Moondyne. Like, they think he just ended up that insane on his own?

CARLO: Moondyne Joe? Western Australia's best known bushranger?


CARLO: Born poor in Cornwall and became a petty criminal and robber who was eventually transported to Australia in 1852? Took up bushranging and was repeatedly arrested, becoming famous for his many escapes from jail?

LESLIE: Yeah. Ol' Joey.

CARLO: Never heard of him. [hissing] FOR FUCK’S SAKE THIS IS A PUBLIC PLACE!

LESLIE: Oh, yeah sorry.

CARLO: No one MADE any connection because there is NO connection to be made! Anyway, I was on a surfing holiday in Hawaii at the time. [hissing] FUCK man… SHUT UP!

LESLIE: Yes… [starts humming a random tune] Hey, have you ever been singing to yourself, and then you get so irritated you call the cops on you to shut yourself up?

CARLO: You’re clearly not drunk enough. Otherwise you'd be pushing yourself shouting “come on you bastard, you know the words COME ON! [singing badly]‘I MET MY LOVE BY THE GASWORKS WALL, DREAMED A DREAM BY THE OLD...’” then you’d pass out. That’s how I do it. Here, I'll show you...


‘I’ll chop you down, like an old dead tree...’ Fucking poetry! Stay tuned for the final, fifth installment!

So no one wants Reclaim Australia to play their songs. Except for Sydney City Trash...

The list of artists telling the Great Aussie Swastiska-Wearing Patriots of Reclaim Australia to stop playing their music at Reclaim events grows longer by the day.

John "Hey True Blue" Williamson is the latest, joining the likes of Jimmy Barnes, John Farnham, Men at Work, Goanna, Redgum and Midnight Oil.

Or, put another way, almost every artist played by those seeking to "reclaim" this wide, brown land from the halal-certified Sharia Law tyranny we all suffer under. But not all artists, though, are so cowardly in the face of halal Sharia terror. Country star Lee Kernaghan and country punk band Sydney City Trash have bucked the trend.

Kernaghan put out a statement in response to his song "Spirit of the Anzacs" being played that simply asked that "anyone" who uses the song do so with "respect". Sydney City Trash, on the other hand, were moved by the total failure of Reclaim movement to play a single one of their tracks to issue an open letter on their Facebook page on the matter -- complete with a song suggestion:

It has come to our attention that our music has NOT been played at recent 'Reclaim Australia' rallies across the country. We find this disappointing as we specifically wrote a song that we think aligns perfectly with the values of Reclaim. 
Seeing as you can no longer play Barnsey, Midnight Oil, Willow or Shane Howard feel free to take and use this little ditty. Our gift to you. You can play it right after Lee Kernaghan......

And here, loyal readers, is the song in question:

There's this nation they call Down Under
But to me it's top of the worldAnd I love this country so goddamn muchI'd marry it if it were a girlAnd when you talk bad about this nation I loveWell it cuts me deep insideCoz I seriously love, I mean actually loveWell I'm so filly with Aussie pride...

Play the song for the rest of the inspiring lyrics and I challenge you not to be deeply moved by their love for this great country of ours.

Monday, July 27, 2015

A far-right nut tried taking a gun to a Reclaim rally, but don't panic it wasn't a fake plastic sword or anything

When some far-right nutters from the United Patriots Front traveled from Sydney to Melbourne to join the Reclaim Australia march, police -- tipped off by boasts on social media -- searched their bus and confiscated a gun.

But don't panic, it wasn't anything really dangerous like that fake plastic sword seized last September from the home of Mustafa Dirani in the nation's largest ever coordinated anti-terror raids involving 800 armed cops in scenes splashed across the front pages around the country.

I mean, a gun can do a bit of damage, sure, but a plastic sword that "would be found in almost every Shiite household as a decorative item" that "wouldn't be able to cut a cucumber" could still very easily end up as a prop in an amateur theatrical production of Aladdin and frankly the world has seen too many horrors already. We can't be enabling amateur musical theatre in our suburbs.

The sword being removed. Couldn't cut a cucumber, but might be a prop in amateur musical theatre and that's a risk we can't take.

Still... a fucking gun that some fascist was going to take a protest targetting Muslim people and "left-wing extremists" that was likely to feature confrontations with anti-racist protesters... (and a knife was confiscated, and by all reports, it wasn't even plastic, which is just fucking cheating!)

It is pretty serious, which is why the cops confiscated the gun. I mean, sure they didn't even arrest anyone or even stop them going to their protests/Nuremburg Rally reenactments to "reclaim" Australia from the horrific Sharia tyranny we live under.

And sure they didn't carry out raids on the scale that targetted the 21-year-old Dirani on the supposed pretext of an ISIS-inspired plot to "behead a random stranger" (with a plastic sword), despite the fact that Dirani is a fucking Shia Muslim, whom ISIS are killing as infidels thus making as likely to carry out a terror attack coz ISIS told him to as an African American is to burn down a Black Church on KKK instructions.

But still. At least they confiscated the gun. And when you see images like this one below of a far right protester in Melbourne "high-fiving" a cop at the Reclaim rally, after the cops pepper-sprayed the anti-racists... just be fucking thankful at least they confiscated the fucking gun.

Friday, July 24, 2015

On The Sorry State Of Irish Folk Music In Ancient Greece: The Carlo And Leslie ASIO File Part 3

OK, this is the third installment of my ASIO files, and I have to admit, but now I was starting to see a certain trend. Apparently the only thing ASIO care about is recording me in some pub with the cad Leslie. FINE! We can only hope the remaining two installments provide us with something of actual interest.

You can read the fucking thing below, though I should warn you should probably read the previous two installments as this is a pretty linear, plot-driven series and you might otherwise get lost.

* * *

A pub.


CARLO: Ah, I gotta hand it to you. You finally came through with a beer! And it tastes pretty sweet!

LESLIE: Yeah, I found it in the hand of this passed-out guy in the beer garden. It was pretty much full too, just had to wipe a bit of his vomit away and it was more or less fine.

CARLO: Well... cheers!

[Two glasses are clinked]

CARLO: I still haven’t forgiven you though.

LESLIE: [sipping beer] Hmmm?

CARLO: You know why.



LESLIE: Are you still going on about that? You challenged me to a duel to the death over some wild claim I had “insulted your honour” by failing to buy you another beer and then you stood up a declared to all and sundry in the pub that you “demanded satisfaction”.

CARLO: My reputation as a gentleman was at stake!

LESLIE: And so I chose aging as my weapon. State of your liver’s so bad, you can barely drink a ginger beer without falling over.

CARLO: And it was with such innocence I took that Facebook quiz “When will you die”! I still remember the result... October 21, 2008. It was only when you OH-SO-HELPFULLY pointed out it was already 2009 that the truth struck me... I was dead!

LESLIE: How do you think I felt? Being the slayer of Carlo Sands after all those millennia, when so many great assassins, angry mobs and enraged bartenders had failed before me! Every rogue cowboy in the known universe now wants a crack at me. I had three assassination attempts on the walk here just this morning! Luckily, those Tai Kwon Do lessons have proven handy.


LESLIE: I’m right ahead of you. I saved you this one from the table next to the passed out guy. This bloke had actually thrown up right into the schooner, but I brought a sift from home. I think I got all the chunks out.

CARLO: Ah! You’re alright! You might be a murdering bastard, but this beer is going down gre... [chokes loudly] AARGH!

LESLIE: Sorry, guess I missed a bit.

CARLO: [coughs it out] Argh! I hate pineapple!

LESLIE: I know you are upset at being dead...

CARLO: The hangovers are even worse!

LESLIE: … but just think of what you achieved with your life! The discovery of fermented fruit, the invention of human sacrifice, the sack of Jerusalem ...

CARLO: Twice!

LESLIE: Three times. That was you with the Assyrians, wasn’t it? 8th century BC?

CARLO: Oh yeah, I had forgotten that one. I was pretty drunk.

LESLIE: And of course the Black Death!

CARLO: Ha! Yeah, that was definitely my most successful practical joke.

LESLIE: A third of Europe dead! Your proudest moment.

CARLO: I suppose I did achieve a few things. But I never got to conquer Persia!

LESLIE: Not the Alexander the Great thing again...

CARLO: The bastard left without me!

LESLIE: He couldn’t get you out the pub when it was time to go!

CARLO: It was happy hour! They had $5 pints of Guinness! And the band was playing a killer version of “Dirty Old Town”. [sings badly] “I’ll chop you down, like an old dead tree...” Fucking poetry.

LESLIE: Yes. You made that point on the night. Loudly. While jumping on the table, waving your machete around and demanding everyone else join in.

CARLO: But their version of The Dubliners’ “Rare Auld Times” was shit! I had to keep shouting at them to get them to play that bittersweet, melancholic lament to the gentrification of Dublin in the 20th Century... but they just pleaded that the first known settlement of any kind in general Dublin area was still 500 years away... I had to put my machete right into their faces and scream “PLAY IT YOU PRICKS!”

LESLIE: Brave effort, though.

CARLO: It was so hard to find a decent Irish pub in those days. I tried to raise the matter with Alexander, but all that Macedonian bastard could think about was how much of the Known World he'd occupied!

LESLIE: He got his come-uppence, though. You never told me how you ended up in Babylon that night, or where you found that strychnine to poison his wine.

CARLO: Well I guess you’re right. I have achieved a lot! Come on, you murderous bastard, another drink to celebrate!

LESLIE: Well... I suppose one more couldn’t hurt.


‘I remember Dublin City, in the rare old times...’ The Dubliners’ provide a clear example of how you are MEANT to perform Pete St. John’s classic tale of the gentrification of Dublin. Stay tuned for more!